2011 Oct       Making Sense of Abdominal Pain. Workshop for BC Pediatric Society & GI Dept. of BC  Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC.


2011 Jun       Hypnosis in Pediatric Pain Management. Pain Master Class Minneapolis


2011 Mar       De-medicalizing Sleep: A Trans-Disciplinary and Trans-Cultural Team Approach to Sleep in Children and Adolescents with

                      FADS. Talk: Behavoural methods to enhance sleep.


2010 Jun       Hypnosis in Pediatric Pain Management. Pain Master Class Minneapolis


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                       Linden). International Society of Hypnosis (ISH), 18th Conference, Rome.


2009 Jun        Hypnosis in Pediatric Pain Management. Pain Master Class Minneapolis


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2005 Apr        Pediatric Pain and Palliative Care. (3 days) First Middle East International Conference, Kuwait City, Kuwait.


2005 Feb       Hypnosis in Children- What Does it Look Like? Hypnose in Kinderschoenen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


2005 Feb       How to talk to the Dying Child & Family. and Integrative Therapies for Managing Pediatric Chronic Pain. Conference on

                      Children's Pain Management & Palliative Care,Recklinghausen, Germany.


2005 Jan       Talking with Children about Death and Dying. The Luncheon Address: First Children's Grief Conference, Los Angeles, CA.


2004 Nov      Making Every Moment Count. Award Presentation & Screening: National Hospice & Palliative Care Congress, Michigan:


2004 Nov      Palliative Care in the Pediatric Oncology Setting. BC Cancer Agency Conference, Vancouver, BC.


2004 Oct       Hypnosis Used with Children and Teens. Frontiers of Hypnosis: 6th National Assembly, Halifax, NS.


2004 Sep      Beyond Medications: Integrative methods for Pain and Symptom Control in Pediatric Palliative Care. Children's Hospice

                      International 16th World Congress, Edinburgh, Scotland.


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                      of Clinical Hypnosis, Banff, AB.


2003 Nov      Managing your Child's Pain. BC Neurofibromatosis Foundation Conference, Vancouver, BC.


2003 Jun      Blending Complementary & Conventional Therapies for Chronic Pain: An Evidence Based Approach: Pain Associated with

                     Cancer & other Chronic Illness. (with Drs. T. Culbert, S. Sensor, C. Wood) International Symposium on Pediatric Pain, Sydney, Aus.


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                      in the Last Twenty Years. (Closing Plenary Address). Annual Child Life Congress, Montreal, QC.


2003 Apr       Management of Complex Ongoing Pain. and Integrative Therapies for Recurring Abdominal Pain.  Children in Pain: Exploring

                      Therapeutic Options Congress, Ann Arbor, MI.


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                      Warsaw, Poland.


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                      Impact of Pain Experience in Childhood (Plenary Address).  5th International Symposium on Pediatric Pain, London, UK.


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                      Therapeutic Approaches to Pain Relief. A Child’s Pain: The Caregiver’s Challenge. Interdisciplinary Conference, Kingston, ON.


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1999 Sep      Long-Term Impact of Pain Management for Young Adults, Diagnosed with Cancer as Children. (State of the Art Address).

                     Children Society for Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics Conference, Seattle, WA.


1999 Apr       Self-Regulation methods that Reduce Children’s Pain and Distress (Keynote Address). Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback

                     Conference, Vancouver, BC.


1998 Nov     No Fears, No Tears - 13 Years Later Work in Progress. American Pain Society Conference, San Diego, CA.


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                     Pediatric Pain Workshop, New Haven, CT.


1997 July     Headache & Abdominal Recurrent Pain. 4th International Symposium on Pediatric Pain, Helsinki, Finland.


1996 Oct      Difficulties for Conflict Resolution in Sri Lanka. Condition of the World’s Children Conference, University of British Columbia.


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                     obstruction & Hirschsprung’s Disease Conference, Los Angeles, CA.


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                     Society for Adolescent Medicine Conference, Vancouver, BC.


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1993 Aug     Pediatric Persistent Pain.  (Topical Seminar Chair). 7th World Congress on Pain, Paris, France.


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1992 Feb     21st Century Pain Management (Seminar) and Psychological Methods of Pain Management (Seminar). Child Health 2000 World

                    Congress, Vancouver


1991 Jun     Helping Minimize Pain and Distress.  BC Children’s Hospital Conference on Children & Youth with Developmental Motor Disabilities,

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1987 Oct     The Challenge for Psychology within a Pediatric Hospital (The Belyea Address).  B.C. Psychological Association Annual Conference,

                    Vancouver, BC.


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1987 Apr     Empowering Parents. 3rd Canadian Psycho-Social Oncology Conference, Saskatoon, SK.


1987 Mar    Imagery as a Therapeutic Modality. BC Oncology Nurses Conference, Vancouver, BC.


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