I enjoy presenting the most current information on children’s pain, coping with medical illness, and medical procedure in an informal forum that allows discussion.  Children and families who are properly prepared can cope with medical challenges and tough experiences in a more resilient way that minimizes negative consequences.  Over the last 30 years I have given presentations to a variety of organizations on a range of topics.  A sample of these is shown below.


2007 Nov   Happy Endings: Reflections on Terminating. Clinical Psychology Colloquium, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.


2007 Feb   Therapy on Video--Four Short Pieces. BC Children’s Hospital Professional Development, Vancouver, BC.


2006 Apr    Care for the caregiver. (Parents of children with epilepsy).   BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC.


2006 Feb   Helping your Anxious Child. (Community Lecture) Shaughnessy Elementary School, Vancouver, BC.


2001 Feb   Making Death a Part of Life. Facing the Fear of Death Forum, Vancouver Public Library, and Division of Palliative Care, Department of

                  Family Practice, University of British Columbia.


2000 Mar   Progress on Pain. What to Include in TV & Motion Picture Scripts Forum (sponsored by The Mayday Fund). Screenwriters Guild of

                  Hollywood, Burbank, CA.


2000 Feb   Managing Your Child’s Pain. Children’s Heart Society, Edmonton, AB.


1999 Oct    Using Mind-Body Therapies in Cancer Treatment. Families of Children with Cancer, Toronto, ON.


1999 Jun   The Long Term Benefits of Pain Management for Children with Chronic Pain.  Sunnyhill Hospital, Vancouver, BC.


1998 Sept  Pain Relief in Children. The Neurological Centre, Vancouver, BC.


1998 July   Removing the Shadow of Cancer with Mind-Body Techniques. Candlelighters Canada, Montreal, QC.


1996 May   A Child in Pain. (Book Launch & Public Lecture).  The Goethe Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka.


1996 May   Helping Relieve Children’s Pain. Faculty of Nursing, The Open University, Colombo, Sri Lanka.


1994 Sept   Migraine and Headache Management (with Dr. H. Dunn).   UBC & BCMA Continuing Medical Education Evening


1988 June   A Child’s View of Medical Procedures. Canadian Society of Laboratory Technologists, Edmonton, AB.


1985 Apr     Practical Psychological Techniques for Invasive Painful Procedures. Pediatric Nurses of the R.N.A.B.C., Vancouver, BC.